Where life begins!

Welcome to my connection for Paula’s Perceptions. I have solutions for rendering-CAD designs that can communicate your dreams and photography services. I also offer international youth opportunities through NorthWest Student Exchange.   If any service touches you or loved-ones, then I hope you can come along side me as your visionary. Allow me to take you through the process of creating special custom designed products or making networking connections. The sky’s the limits on what could be!

  • Paula’s Perceptions: Multimedia artwork in a range of disciplines.
  • NorthWest Student Exchange (NWSE): Serving as Area Coordinator connecting international students to host families in the Chicago southwest region.


During the time that Paula has been under instruction, I found her thoroughness, accuracy of work performed, and her organizational skills as being excellent. Paula is energetic, quick to learn and demonstrates a remarkable awareness of the requirements, and applications, of Computer Aided Design & Drafting software. Paula has displayed confidence in her work and proved early on that she possesses the ability to integrate the pressures of school work, social life, and personal family demands into a pleasant persona.
Her knowledge, advanced skill set, and pursuit of excellence culminated into an employment position here at Joliet Junior College as a CADD Program Peer Tutor during the summer of 2017 term. Paula continues to hold that position today. She is qualified for opportunities based on her pursuit of excellence, willingness to go the extra-mile to support her tutoring responsibilities, and her positive role model she portrays to other women in professional/technical fields.
Scott A. Boudreau