Imagine saying yes to an opportunity that has global impact!

Let me introduce you to NorthWest Student Exchange. It is a non-profit organization of the U.S. Department of State-designated as a student exchange program.

I consult and advocate for international students to be welcomed into American families.  It is my passion to find families that would love to host a student for an academic semester or a full year.   You can personally select international students that have matching criteria/ interests. Most students are 15-17 year old and can pursue academic studies in a public or a private high school. We have hosted 2 students for a full year.  This is our latest student studying at Morris Community High School.


As an Area Coordinator through NorthWest Student Exchange, I am here to share the joys of making an impact…

WHEN YOU HOST an exchange student, you become an active participant in the world community!  You and your family have the opportunity not only to share your life, values and culture with an international student; you also absorb and better understand the life, values and culture of another country—and without having to travel long distances!  In our contemporary world the practical distances between people are ever shrinking.  It’s more important than ever to understand, respect, and work with our global neighbors.  Hosting also creates the opportunity to form life-long friendships. Read below…

“Our biggest reward is that we built such an amazing friendship and feel like we gained another daughter. Our children learned about different cultures and how to be better communicators. They also developed lifelong friendships. It was amazing to see our student embrace the American way of life. Every day was an adventure that she looked forward to waking up to. NWSE was there for us during the whole experience to guide us if we needed help and to ensure that the students were following rules. You will never regret this experience, it’s one of the best things we have done and so rewarding.”

Julie and Kelly from Utah, USA

 Your journey can start today with a fall ’19 placement! Start by completing a family application & then I can make matches for potential students.

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